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- A sports news website. We provide a comprehensive news service in the field of international sports and local sports. We care about all the important news in the world of football. We also show followers news of international, continental, and Arab championships, for example but not limited to news of the FIFA World Cup, the Arab Nations Cup, and the Nations Championship. Africa, the Asian Cup, and also the Champions League news. We are also interested in following up on player and transfer news in an easy and simple way so that readers can benefit from the news throughout the day. We are also joined by a group of correspondents who work hard to cover exclusive sports news on a permanent basis. This news is transmitted. From reliable sources, the most important of which are the football stadiums in  A number of news are also covered through government sports websites, and we excel at transmitting the news completely and presenting it to our visitors. We also have a headquarters: in the Republic of Yemen - Sana’a.

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| What was launched recently is our constant desire to be the first site in providing news service in the world of sports. We also do not forget to pay attention to transmitting the dates for matches and the expected formation of teams and national teams, and providing brief overviews of player news and also the deals that are approved in the summer and winter phases. We are also not biased. To a specific club or institution only, we are interested in providing sports news without bias and with the utmost transparency.

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| “I must not violate the laws, and any copying of the content of another site or the content of a specific sect or race is prohibited. We always strive to publish daily and exclusive sports news without anyone preceding us. We also work to verify all the news that we provide before pressing the publish button once.” And two, so that we must know that it is credible and transparent, without bias towards a particular sect or doctrine.